Adopt-a-Soldier is a way for you to make a difference in the lives of our American Soldiers stationed over seas during the holidays. By donating items that are needed, you make an impact on their lives, and remind them that there are people back home thinking of them. Take a look at the list of items that are being requested and pick up a few of them on your next trip to the store. Drop them off to The Postal Shoppe before November 10th, and they'll ship them to soldiers in need for you. Help make a difference and Adopt-a-Soldier today.

Why Adopt-a-Soldier?
“Like many other American Families, the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Holidays at the end of 1990 are especially memorable for our family because Larry was 7,000 miles away from home serving in the Army in the Middle East. From those years to this day, the thought of mail from Home lingers as a poignant memory for both of us.”
How did Adopt-a-Soldier Start?
“Following on the events of 2001, our family, valued customers and others in the community collected materials for shipment to U.S. Military Personnel who are serving in harm’s way in the Middle East. Monetary donations have also made it possible for us to assist local families by providing both discount and often completely free shipping to local Military Personnel."
Your Impact in 2011
In 2011, the Holiday Adopt-a-Soldier collection drive resulted in the shipment of more than one thousand Holiday packages to local military personnel serving in the Middle East. Those packages were deposited with the United States Postal Service in time for the shipping deadline which guarantees arrival by Christmas.
Donations Requested
  • After Shave & Shave Gel
  • Antibacterial Liquid Soap
  • Baby Wipes
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, etc.
  • Current Magazines
  • MP3 Players / iPods / Portable DVD players
  • Foot Powder
  • Freeze Dried and Cured Meats
    • Summer Sausage, Jerky, Tuna
    • [no pork]
  • GameBoys / Games
  • Good Razors and Razor Blades
  • Liquid Body Wash
  • Pens, Paper, Envelopes
  • Phone Cards
  • Oral Hygiene Produces
    • toothbrushes & toothpaste
  • OXY Pads
  • Plastic Fruit Cups
  • Jell-O / Pudding (boxes)
  • Powdered Creamer for Coffee
  • Pre-Packaged Snacks
  • Pre-Sweetened Drink Mixes
  • Short Wave Radios
  • Travel Board Games
  • Monetary Donations to underwrite cost of postage