Here is Gene's story:

7 yrs ago myself and 8 friends took our first trip to Las Vegas during Thanksgiving weekend. The second day there myself and a friend got up early and decided to explore the downtown area.

While there we came across a found family sleeping on the steps of the court house. The young man had lost his job after being there for 3 months and he and his wife and baby boy were homeless and were trying to get home to North Carolina. My friend and I were up a few thousand dollars in winnings so we brought them to our hotel and got them a room for the night and fed them and the wives took the woman shopping for some clothes a diapers for the baby.

We contacted our airline (American) to see if they could help with transportation and they gave us a huge break on tickets for the couple. We purchased the tickets and sent them on their way the next day and their parents met them at the airport. They thanked us numerous times and said they would eventually send the money we spent on them back as soon as they got on their feet.

Well, 3 yrs later I got a letter and a check from them thanking us again. They were both working and had bought a house with help from their parents and were doing fine. Their boy had just started 1st grade. I told my friends and showed them the check and we all decided to put the money in a savings account for the baby.

With their blessing and we have exchanged Christmas cards ever since.

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