4/25 Dancing FOR Haitians Radisson Hotel
200 South Bell School Road, Rockford, IL
4/26 2014 Great American Clean-Up
in Winnebago County
4/27 Children's Home + Aid Benefit
Granite City special
Granite City
Cherryvale Mall
4/30 Motherhouse 15th Anniversary Open House 1603 South 4th Street, Rockford, IL
5/1 Rockford University Business Luncheon Regents Hall in Burpee Center
Rockford University
5050 East State Street, Rockford, IL
5/2 MELD Wine-Tasting Fundraiser Artale Wine Company
6876 Spring Creek Road, Rockford, IL
5/8 Rockford Chamber of Commerce
Leadership Luncheon
700 West Riverside Blvd., Rockford, IL
5/16 Budding Artists
Kiwanis Club of Rockford
Burpee Museum
737 No. Main Street, Rockford, IL
5/30 - 10/17 Rockford City Market Water Street between State & Jefferson Streets