Hi and welcome to the official Gail Lewis
page at B103fm.com.  
(That makes it sound important or
does it sound too high hat?
Hi and welcome to my homepage where we can
get to know each other better. 
(That just sounds creepy.)
Hi, it's Gail.  You found me!   
(O.K... trying too hard to be charming
and just ended up
sounding desperate.)
(Casual and knowing, but could
be interpreted as smarmy)
This is my page.  You are free to rummage
through my stuff. 
(Could invite some
unwanted advances.)
This is turning out like a bad first date. 
So here's the basics.  I play Lite Rock on the At Work Network from 9AM until 2PM.  There's stuff on here that interests me or I find amusing and want to share.   Browse around, read, comment and/or just enjoy. 
Thanks for stopping by.