Homemade Wasp Trap


This one can be found at prairiestory.com.  Click here to go to their page.  Enjoy the outdoors!

1.Cut the neck off a plastic pop bottle.

2) Remove the bottle cap and flip the neck upside down and place it in the bottle opening that you just cut.

3) Tape together using packing tape or duct tape.

4) Bait the trap. The easiest is sugar and water, but I've also read that meat works well in the spring and early summer because wasps are attracted to protein, or other options are sugar and water, water and vinegar, beer, soda, even laundry detergent. Adding petroleum jelly or cooking oil along the steep edges of the trap can cause them to lose their footing and fall into the hole.

5) Hang the trap by either taping a string to it, or affixing a screw that you can use to hang.


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