Wow - I never thought I'd be back on the air but as they say "never say never" - because I AM back on the air!  Back on the station I left 10 years ago to get married, back on the station that plays 'Lite Rock', back to doing 'show-prep'! But I'm NOT back on Middays or Mornings, I'm on AFTERNOONS!

Tune in and join me for some great music and some great conversation!  Who knows what you might hear on my show!  I'm a "green girl" so you'll hear tips on "Going Green" you know I love my animals so I'm sure I'll be telling you of their antics!

If you're in my family or my circle of friends, be warned - you are fair game!  :)

Talk with you soon in one form or another!!
With an impressive career that spans more than 25 years, Liz Wylder is a well-known radio personality and an international voice-over talent.  She has been the voice and the face of numerous radio and television commercials; message-on-hold systems, documentaries, interactive CD-roms, e-learning modules, radio imaging...and just about anything else that needs a warm, clear voice! She has enthusiastically represented clients in convention settings, print advertising and on the runway.

Born in Chicago, her professional radio career took her throughout the United States, working in many different formats, before landing in Rockford, Illinois.  Her communicative, upbeat nature was revealed at a young age when teachers would write "She is very expressive but likes to talk."

"Memories are experiences relived and the music of B103 brings some of those experiences alive again" says Wylder, "I love sharing memories, interesting facts and life experiences in general with my friends. Wow, the fact that I can do it over the radio is just a bonus!"