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Pet's age: 4.5
Breed: Schnoodle
Favorite activity: running for the joy of it, walking my mommy.
Gets in trouble when...: Jazzy doesn't really get in trouble but maybe jumping when people got to pet her & her thinking everyone loves her & wants to pet her. Maybe pulling the leash when I walk her.
How you met your pet: My sister got her as a pup & I fell in love with Jazzy at that time. Due to extenuating circumstances my sister couldn't keep Jazzy any more & asked if I could take her. I didn't hesitate & she has been a joy to me.
Best thing about your pet: Jazzy is a very loving dog that likes to please & loves being petted. She listens very well & is very mild mannered.
Submitted by Mary R. Hall from Davis Junction, IL On 10/22/2012