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Pet's age: 2 years
Breed: Border Terrier
Favorite activity: Tug o'war, visiting patients in nursing homes, obedience class
Gets in trouble when...: Barks at our cat.
How you met your pet: I am a responsible breeder; she is from one of my litters. I assisted at her birth.
Best thing about your pet: This is a very fun but lesser known breed. They like a lot of activity but can be very cuddly. Their prey drive can get them into trouble (Terriers were bred to hunt) so they must be fenced or leashed. Training is a must. I love the look on the faces of the patients in the nursing homes as Cera sits cuddled up next to them, and they feel her wiry coat!
Submitted by Kathy Van Barriger from Machesney Park, IL On 11/1/2013