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Pet's age: 1 year
Breed: Twintail Goldfish
Favorite activity: She loves to try and dazzle you for treats. She is little piggie of the tank even though I have two plecos, for some reason she is the first to the front to beg and dance.
Gets in trouble when...: She loves eating, so she goes to the pebbles to look for left overs. Well in the process of finding her many snacks she digs out my plants from the roots so I constantly have to replant them.
How you met your pet: My neice had recently seen the movie Pinto on a cliff by the sea. A movie about a goldfish turning human. She begged me to let 'Ponyo' spend the night for a while. Too bad I now have a goldfish full time!!
Best thing about your pet: I love the fact Pinto just lights up every time I see her. All of my fish have their own personalitys, but Pinto really is the jewel.
Submitted by Nicole Bishop from Belvudere, IL On 11/6/2013