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Pet's age: 13
Breed: Lab
Favorite activity: Laying around the house. She also enjoys running in the cornfields but doesn't last long anymore since she is getting old.
Gets in trouble when...: She wakes me up every hour during the night.
How you met your pet: She was just a puppy about 4 months old. She was not in a come home. She came to us sick and very frighten. In no time she became the best dog anyone could ask for.
Best thing about your pet: Sanoma use to take the kids beanie babies and line them up in the living room when nobody was home and babysat them. She never tore them apart and was gentle with them. We never had a problem with her destryong furniture or messing things up in the house. She is the perfect dog. We know she is getting old and will not be with us much longer. We will cherish each day we have with her until she becomes our pet angel. Makes days easier every time we see her beautiful smile. And yes she literally smiles like this all the time.
Submitted by Christina Steward from Rockford, IL On 11/15/2013