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Pet's age: 9 years
Breed: Siamese
Favorite activity: catching bugs, killing them and eating the tasty ones, pretending to be invisible, catching her tail while perched on the back of a chair, "talking" nonstop and catnapping in my lap while I read
Gets in trouble when...: She goes into small, dark areas to explore and then won't come out.
How you met your pet: Sybil was my sister's pet as a young kitten. Due to changes in my sister's circumstances, I took Sybil into my home when she was less than a year old.
Best thing about your pet: She thinks she's a Doberman. She is not afraid of anybody and is very territorial. She is only 8 lb. but it is 8 lb. of pure fury when unleashed!
Submitted by Sharon Criswell from Machesney Park, IL On 5/31/2014