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Pet's age: 3 (?)
Breed: Pit bull
Favorite activity: Tug of war, taking laps around the house, catch
Gets in trouble when...: Barking at the neighbors dog!
How you met your pet: We rescued Ruby from an animal shelter in Dixon, IL. Ruby was on day 8 of 10 when we got to her. She needed a home!
Best thing about your pet: Ruby was mistreated by her precious owners. She was never shy around us. We think she could sense the love and comfort of a happy home. While she is not the sharpest crayon in the box, she is very sweet and gentle. She loves our 6 year old unconditionally, even when she dresses her up and makes her play ninja turtles with her. She is always happy to see someone come home and wags her tail in excitement so much that her whole body shakes! She is a little OCD about her toys and MUST have a toy in her mouth when she is happy and excited.
Submitted by Michelle Stremmel from Roscoe, IL On 6/26/2014