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Pet's age: 1
Breed: Shih tzu
Favorite activity: Shaking her toys so hard that they fling out of her mouth. She'll bite on them for a min then shake her head so hard they fling across the room. And she loves tormenting the cat.
Gets in trouble when...: She darts out the door. She loves walks and car rides so much that when the front door opens she bolts. Then she'll see someone outside and run up to them to get petted. As soon as you yell at her she lays down on her back submissively. Like saying you can't yell at me now I'm being cute.
How you met your pet: We were in the market for a little pet b/c my daughter was afraid of dogs so we went to petland and found her.
Best thing about your pet: She's super cute. She loves people and she's very playful. She's made my daughter not be uncontrollably afraid of dogs. Coco and my daughter are inseparable.
Submitted by Christina Harbison from Machesney park, IL On 7/10/2014